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[18] Blake Lively
[12] Gillian Jacobs
[9] Haley Williams
[15] Jessica Alba
[5] Jennifer Lawrence
[10] Lauren Conrad
[12] Mila Kunis
[8] Selena Gomez
[4] Supernatural
[3] Vanessa Hudgens
[6] Victoria's Secret Models
[70] Stock


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stock: origami crane


[4] Megan Fox
[3] Demi Lovato
[4] Game of Thrones Cast
[7] Miranda Kerr
[6] Pretty Little Liars Cast
[10] Rihanna
[6] Sons of Anarchy Cast
[9] Vampire Diaries Cast
[14] Veronica Mars [OMG MOVIE!!!!] Cast
[52] Stock


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Hey all,

I'm thinking about locking all of my entries. I haven't been because I wanted enough people to join. But those who join don't seem to either look at the entries or don't take the icons. :( Maybe I'll leave them public for a day or two and lock them? I don't know. I feel like I'm not getting enough people here. People comment but they don't join. :( Le sigh.

Please leave some feedback loves. PRETTY PLEASE! :)